Le Spa - Day Spa


Assists in rejuvenating and restoring cracked and damaged paws back to a supple and smooth condition using trigger paw massage to penetrate deep around rough areas. Nails are then trimmed and filed to a smooth finish ending with a nail pawlish of your choice to stop nails from splitting. Products used: Organic Shea Butter + Avocado Oil paw balm. Nail pawlish made from natural plant ingredients including Vitamin E. Choose from a range of colours.

1/2 Hr   $30

Spa Soak

Soaking in a rose petal bath, using aromatherapy to relax and invigorate your pooch. Bathing in natural fragrances and ingredients such as minerals from Japanese spa baths and Dead Sea mineral salts. Helps condition the skin leaving it tighter and healthier. The Pooch then receives a warm and gentle dry including a detangling coat treatment, finished with a complimentary lavender and cedarwood calming spritzer.

1/2 Hr   $35

Aroma Massage + Pawdicure

An invigorating massage infused with aromatic oils to suit the individual pooches needs such as relaxation, tranquillity, relief of fatigue, refreshment, elimination of skin troubles, or soothing of the respiratory system. Your pooch is then cleansed and gently dried before receiving a relaxing pawdicure and complimentary spritzer to suit the aromatic oil.

1 Hr   $65

Spa Detox

Includes Spa Soak + Aroma Massage

An aromatherapy based detox designed to relax and invigorate. Firstly your pooch will experience a Japanese mineral Spa Soak followed by a tranquil aromatherapy massage using a specially formulated oil blend. This natural and botanical extract will clean and deeply moisturize the skin and coat. We will then cleanse the coat with a formulated shampoo restoring the skin and coat to full vitality.

1 Hr, 15 Mins   $95

Spa Mud

A Fuyodei mud treatment to help reduce inflammation, restore troubled skin and eliminate odours. Followed by a specialised mud shampoo containing a well balanced blend of mud ingredients from various regions of the world that effectively absorb waste material and dirt trapped deep within the pores, cleansing the skin and leaving the coat lustrous and clean. The botanical rinse and soak will condition and strengthen the skin and coat leaving it with a silky supple feel. Finished with a complimentary rosemary and peppermint spritzer.

1 Hr, 15 Mins   $115

Le Spa Indulgence

The ultimate spa indulgence to spoil your special pooch. The Le Spa Indulgence is a combination of treatments including the Pawdicure, Spa Soak and Spa Mud treatment. They will then receive a warm and gentle dry followed by a tidy-up trim of the face, feet, belly and bottom. This is then followed by a complimentary healthy and delicious gourmet meal from our own A'la carte menu.

2 Hrs   $195