Cuts & Colouring
Dogs Scale

The size scale is a guide only. Actual size and price will be confirmed upon consultation

Style Cuts

All style cuts include the Deluxe Spa Wash service

Tidy Up


S $60 | M $70 | L $80 | XL $POA

Trimming around the eyes, feet, belly and bottom. Perfect for in between grooms
Extended tidy upgrade from $10. Ideal for those wanting a litte extra

Miami Clip


S $80 | M $90 | L $100 | XL $POA

Popular low maintenance short hair cut

New York Classic


S $90 | M $100 | L $110 | XL $POA

Retains longer hair length and includes additional scissoring

Puppy Tidy

Complimentary First Puppy Tidy for puppies under 16weeks for their first visit only. This service includes:

  • Deluxe Spa wash
  • Trim around eyes
  • Trim under and around feet
  • Tidy up belly and bottom
  • Paris Fashion
    $10 extra
    (on New York Classic Price)

    Professional clip tailored to suit individual pooch & breed
    (Eg. Signature Poodle clip, Traditional Spaniel Clip)

    Signature Scissor Cut

    A specialised all over hand scissor to have your pooch stand out from the rest


    A $10 discount to the listed service price applies to:

  • Senior card holders
  • Regulars who bring their pooch back within 2 weeks
  • Additional charges apply to:

  • Double coated, extra long hair, or matted hair
  • Senior or difficult pooches
  • Add-ons
  • Late Fees/ After Hours
    • If you are more than 15mins late for an appointment an additional fee may apply. On some occasions you may be required to re-book your appointment. A courtesy call ahead of time is essential to avoid possible fees. Late fees will apply to late pick-ups after business hours.
  • Missed Appointments/ No Show
    • Not showing to your appointment will result in a no-show fee. This fee may be up to the full amount of the service you booked. Cancellations and/or changes to your appointments must be made more than 24hrs prior in order to be exempt from this fee.
  • Groom out Fees
    • Pooches with a knotted or matted coat will incur a surcharge for the time taken to brush out the coat or shave off matted coats.
  • Additional Handling
    • If your pooch is difficult to handle and/or requires the assistance of a second staff member, a handing fee will apply. This fee is typically between $10-30 depending on the additional handling time.
  • Fleas
    • If we discover that your pooch has fleas, they will receive immediate flea treatment. The regular cost of the flea treatment will be applied.
  • De Shedding
    • This service charge is Time Dependant (from $10)

    Colouring & Extras

    Fun & Fashionable Colouring
    Teeth Cleaning
    ALL SIZES $6
    Nail Cut/File
    ALL SIZES $10
    We would love to have a conversation with you