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Le Spa Wash Premium Spa Wash Service

Deluxe Spa Wash
Short Hair Breeds (ie. Chihuahua, Pug, Frenchie)
S $35 | M $45 | L $60 | XL $POA
Standard Breeds (ie. Maltese, Cavoodle, Shihtzu)
S $45 | M $55 | L $70 | XL $POA
Double Coated Breeds (ie. Pomeranian, Japanese Spitz, Husky)
S $60 | M $80 | L $100 | XL $POA

• Premium Shampoo & Wash
• Coat Conditioning Treatment
• Blow-dry
• Ears Cleaned
• Nails Trimmed
• Eau de toilette spritzer

Please note certain breeds (ie. Samoyeds which are classed as a long double coat will have a starting price from $150.) will differ from the above prices due to coat type and condition please speak to our staff for an accurate quote for your pooch.

Le Spa Extras Pawdicure | Spa Soak | Aroma Massage | Spa Detox | Spa Mud | Le Spa Indulgence

Purifying Scrub


An exfoliating spa treatment which helps to remove toxins from the coat and skin with its all natural plant derived ingredients and safe essential oils.

Mineral Spa


This particular spa system helps to achieve health and beauty through the use of minerals soaking into the skin and coat. It helps to remove odour, unclog pores, improve blood flow and can help to treat hot spots itchy skin and greasy coats.

Winter Spa


Despite its name this spa is available all year round but most popular through the cooler months. This is a deep conditioning massage that will leave your pooch silky and soft and oh so fluffy. It is perfect for those longer coated dogs and double coated breeds as it helps to loosen tight and tangled hair.



Assists in the rejuvenation and restoration of cracked and damaged paws back to a supple and smooth condition. Pooches receive a foot soak followed by paw cream massaged into the paw to penetrate deep around the rough areas. Nails are then trimmed and filed to a smooth finish ending with a nail paw-lish colour of your choice.

Spa Detox


An aromatherapy based detox designed to relax and invigoration. Firstly your pooch will experiences a Japanese mineral spa soak followed by a tranquil aromatherapy massage using a specially formulated oil blend. The natural and botanical extract will clean and deeply moisturise the skin and coat. The coat and skin is then restored with a formulated shampoo insuring full vitality.

Aroma Massage + Pawdicure


An invigorating massage infused with aromatic oils for relaxation, tranquillity, relief of fatigue and refreshment. Your pooch is then cleansed and gently dried before receiving a relaxing paw-dicure.

Mud Spa


A mud treatment to help reduce inflammation, restore troubled skin and eliminated odours. Followed by a specialised mud shampoo containing a well balanced blend of mud ingredients from various regions of the world that effectively absorb waste material and dirt trapped deep within the pores, cleaning the skin and leaving the coat luscious and clean. The botanical rinse and soak will condition and strengthen the skin and coat leaving it with a silky supple feel.

Le Spa Indulgence


A combination of treatments for the ultimate indulgence. Pooches receive the Paw-dicure, mineral soak and mud spa treatments. No spa day is complete without a complementary gourmet treat to finish off the day.

Dogs Scale

The size scale is a guide only. Actual size and price will be confirmed upon consultation


A $10 discount to the listed service price applies to:

  • Senior card holders
  • Regulars who bring their pooch back within 2 weeks

Additional charges apply to:

  • Double coated, extra long hair, or matted hair
  • Senior or difficult pooches

  • Late Fees/ After Hours
  • If you are more than 15mins late for an appointment an additional fee may apply. On some occasions you may be required to re-book your appointment. A courtesy call ahead of time is essential to avoid possible fees. Late fees will apply to late pick-ups after business hours.
  • Missed Appointments/ No Show
    Not showing to your appointment will result in a no-show fee. This fee may be up to the full amount of the service you booked. Cancellations and/or changes to your appointments must be made more than 24hrs prior in order to be exempt from this fee.
  • Groom out Fees
    Pooches with a knotted or matted coat will incur a surcharge for the time taken to brush out the coat or shave off matted coats.
  • Additional Handling
    If your pooch is difficult to handle and/or requires the assistance of a second staff member, a handing fee will apply. This fee is typically between $10-30 depending on the additional handling time.
  • Fleas
    If we discover that your pooch has fleas, they will receive immediate flea treatment. The regular cost of the flea treatment will be applied.
  • De Shedding
    This service charge is Time Dependant (from $10)

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